History of FROGS

FROGS was set up by Sally Reader in 1993 after several visits to The Gambia and pleas from school teachers for assistance.

The main objective of FROGS was to improve the educational environment of teachers and pupils in Gambian schools.

Between 1995 and 2005 FROGS members and supporters collected school materials such as books, furniture and teaching aids in the UK, sorted and packed it and shipped it to The Gambia in sea containers. More than 100 schools were assisted in this way, and 32 sea containers shipped.

Because of lifestyle changes within FROGS Committee, FROGS stopped shipping containers, and instead worked directly with Gambian schools. Money previously spent on shipping costs now funded projects, for example building teacher's quarters, tiling classroom floors, improving school security and so on.

FROGS members visited Gambian schools to identify areas of need and then submitted suggested projects to the UK Committee for approval. FROGS was administered by a Committee of six in the UK and by its founders Sally and Malcolm Reader in The Gambia.

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