FROGS Projects 2006

Jeddah Lower Basic School - Completion of Nursery Classroom

At this school the Nursery class was occupying a classroom which was unfinished; the floor was dirt and the walls unrendered blocks. FROGS provided the funds to complete the classroom and furnish it with tables and chairs.

This project cost just 130.00

St Matthews School Project by FROGS

Chamen Lower Basic School : Setting up of a School Vegetable Garden

Chamen LBS on the North Bank had cleared an area for a garden, but needed tools, seeds and wire for fencing. FROGS provided the funds for these materials.

The garden provides an excellent crop to supplement school meals, and generate income for the school.

For just 50 an ongoing project was set up and the school children competed for Certificates and prizes for the best crops.

JAMISA LBS - Wall and Gates

This school was suffering major problems due to a lack of security. The walls were too low and there were no gates. Therefore the compound was open to all, who used it as a public right of way, picked the school fruit and vegetables and used their water.

FROGS raised the walls, added angle irons and barbed wire strands and also funded the purchase and fitting of large gates.

This project cost 1008.00

Tanjeh Sick Bay Conversion

Tanjeh is a fishing village, large and sprawling. The school is large and there is no local clinic when children fall sick. The school approached FROGS to ask if they would fund the conversion of a classroom block into a Sick Bay.

The project started in early February 2006. Two shopping trips and three visits later, the roof had been replaced, the interior wall rebuilt, the foundations repaired and cracks in the walls filled. The ceilings have also been fitted, and the walls rendered and painted.

The project is now complete, as the pictures show at a cost of 936.00.

Tanjeh Sick Bay Before 1 Tanjeh Sick Bay Before 2
Tanjeh Sick Bay After 1 Tanjeh Sick Bay After 2

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