FROGS Projects 2006 part 2

Greater Banjul Upper Basic School - Home Science Room

This school, which has a good academic record, still didn't have the requirements to teach practical Home Science lessons.

FROGS has assisted the school in the past with cookery books and utensils, but without work surfaces, tables, sink units and cupboards no practical work could be done.

FROGS has changed a classroom to a Home Science Room. The floor has been tiled, work surgaces and sink units fitted, tables re-covered with laminate, and cupboards have been made by the school's own Carpentry Department. The walls have been painted and the Home Science Department is now ready for cookery lessons!

These photographs show the classroom before and after our involvement. The project was completed in April 2006. The project cost 818.00
Banjul Home Science Before 1 Banjul Home Science Before 2
Banjul Home Science Room After 1 Banjul Home Sciences After 2

Sifoe - Stationery Equipment

At Sifoe the school needed blackboard tools, dictionaries and calculators. There were purchased during a visit and presented to the Headmaster. This project cost 50

Seino - Crazy Tiling of Classroom Floors

At Seino Primary School the floors in the newly built classrooms were not up to standard and were eroding after just a few months. FROGS financed the crazy tiling of 6 classroom floors. A great improvement! No dust, no erosion!

This project cost 1283.00
Sifoe Crazy Tiling Project

Prince Staff Quarters

After nearly a year's work, the Staff Quarters for Prince Lower Basic School in Upper Nuimi in the North Bank Region were inaugurated and handed over to the school and community on the 9th December 2006.

This was a joint project by FROGS and Ebay, the internet auction company, who donated over 1300 towards the project. The final cost was 3775.00.

Sally and Malcolm attended the ceremony, along with two FROGS members who were staying with them - Peter and Lovian Sulway. After an eventful journey-quite often the case in The Gambia, they arrived at the school to a tremendous welcome.

Sally writes:- 'the quarters look great, though as usual the scarcity of personal belongings and extras, even chairs, surprised Peter and Lovian. The Ceremony went well. We had a feast of chicken and noodles, and presents of 7 kg of this years harvested peanuts, a robe and shirt' At the 'handing over' ceremony in December the Head Teacher, Ousman Corr said that FROGS is a true friend of his school. He also said 'These quarters will not only relieve my staff from any housing problem, it will also serve as security to the entire school'.

Princes Staff Quarters After Princes Staff Quaters During

Princes Staff Quaters Project After

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