FROGS Projects 2007

Kanuma Nursery School

Kanuma Nursery School. During the summer months when their mothers are working in the fields, the small children have been taken along with their parents, there being no alternative. This year the Headmaster of Kanuma, Mr. Bakary Darbo wants to keep the nursery open during the summer, but needs funds for lunches for 50 children, this for 11 weeks. FROGS has provided funding for the basics, rice, oil, onions, tomato paste etc.

This Project cost 81.00 or D4,300

A. Wijnand NS, Tallinding

This small nursery school in Tallinding, a dense urban area, was set up by the Headmaster to meet the needs of local parents for nursery schooling. He has been running with one classroom, which was becoming overcrowded. He applied to FROGS for help to build an extra classroom.

In less than four weeks we built the extra classroom, put transparent sheeting in the old classroom roof to improve the light and replaced the wooden doors and windows with metal ones. This new classroom will make a huge difference to this small school.

This Project cost 562.00 or D29,810.

Wijand Before


Wijand After Wijand After

Bijilo - LBS

1) This project was a simple one and entailed shopping for basic First Aid items. The school has trained First Aiders and two First Aid boxes. This Project cost 56.00 or D2,989.

2) This school needed strong padlocks to replace the very small flimsy ones they had on all the doors throughout the school. FROGS purchased 32 very strong padlocks which will secure the classrooms, stores and offices during the weekends and school holidays. This Project cost 91.00 or D4,800.

3) The school wanted to establish a school feeding programme, lunches for four days a week. The World Food Programme has moved its emphasis from the Kombos to the Foni District, where refugees are coming over the border and causing problems for schools and villages. FROGS funded the painting and upgrading of the kitchen, purchased bowls, spoons , a steamer and basic foodstuffs and set the programme up.

This Project cost 378.00 or D20,050. The school is now responsible for sustaining the project.

Bijilo Food Project

Bijilo Food Project
Bijilo Food Project

Killy LBS

The school at Killy has never had any furniture for teachers use. After an appeal from the Head teacher Mrs. Sigga Saine, FROGS commissioned a local carpenter to make six tables and chairs. One set for each classroom. Teachers previously had to stand all day, so are obviously very happy now.

This Project cost 80.00 or D4,250

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