FROGS Projects 2008 Part 2


FROGS members ran a workshop for Nursery teachers in Region 2 to help improve the quality of teaching for the early years sector in The Gambia.

This cost £374.00 or D13,649

Njwara Basic Cycle School Desks + transportation

We funded 20 double desks and their transportation across the North River Bank.

Project Cost £654.00 or D24,000

Njwara Basic Cycle School New Desks Njwara Basic Cycle School New Desks

Bijilo LBS - New Roof for School Kitchen

The roof of the school kitchen (where we set up a feeding project) was in very poor condition, and during the rainy season the kitchen could not be used without a roof.

We funded this at a cost of 995.00 or D34,500

Bansang School of Nursing and Mansakonko School of Nursing – Provision of Teaching Manuals

Following a visit to Bansang School of Nursing, the PCV in charge of trying to restructure the teaching process at the school, made a request for FROGS to assist them by providing some sets of Teaching Manuals. We saw their school library and 95% of the books were over 25 years old, and therefore medically out of date. We were also asked to help with Manuals at the Mansakonko School of Nursing.

We provided the Manuals at a cost of 972.00 or D38,768

Kunkujam Upper Basic School

The school had 5 sets of metal library storage/shelving which needed repairing to make them useable for the school library. They had books ready for sorting and cataloguing once the shelving was complete.

FROGS funded this at a cost of 288.00 or D11,555

Holy Cross Nursery School, Tranquil

FROGS were asked to assist with the walling of the perimeter of the school.

We funded the side wall. Cost 749.00 or D30,353

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