FROGS Projects 2009

Madiana LBS. - The provision of 40 tables and benches

These were handed over on 22nd March 2009, to a very happy headmaster and school committee. While watching Gambian TV news later in the year, FROGS members living in The Gambia saw the furniture being used for a meeting held at the school on Environmental Awareness. They looked great.

The project cost 956.00 or D35,00.00.

David and Barbara Jordan's Phonic Awareness Project.

David and Barbara Jordan, two of our members, spent six months in The Gambia to help the teachers in Nursery schools with their teaching of reading using Jolly Phonics. They had handbooks and song books printed for each teacher who attended the workshops, along with a cassette of the songs used. Barbara also designed and made basic board games for the teachers to use. The workshops were very popular and in great demand.

This project cost £400.00 or D15, 600.00 - a small sum for starting numerous youngsters on the road to reading.

Phonics Awareness Project
Phonics Awareness Project

Provision of a garden plot for Brufut UBS

This was another very much a hands on project by FROGS members Malcolm, Sally, Dave and Barbara who all participated in the cutting of the large fence posts and fixing the wire fence. They were helped by teachers and caretakers from the school. The garden has already harvested a crop of cassava and is currently planted with quick crops - lettuce, onions, peppers etc. These will be replaced with cassava again once the rains come.

This school is developing very well, the headmaster is very dynamic and has managed to find sponsorship to wall a good half of the very large perimeter and fix front gates. With the help of a friend of Sally's we also provided 25 mango trees for the compound.

The finished project cost 412.00 or D15, 725.00.

Brufur Gardening Project Before Brufur Gardening Project During Brufut Gardening Project After

The Building and Fitting of Library Shelving for Janjangbureh LBS

This school is way up country and the project was overseen for us by a friend Penny Newby. Barbara, Dave, Malcolm and Sally visited in April and saw the completed work, and the books that Penny had provided.

This library will be a major boost to the school and the cost of the shelving was 531.00 or D19, 395.00.

Janjangbureh Project
Janjangbureh Project

University Project

Teaching Students from Leeds University went to The Gambia to get involved with a Gambian School. Whilst there they painted the inside of two year 1 classrooms, decorating the walls with information such as multiplication tables, counting squares and the phonic alphabet.

Whilst they were painting inside, FROGS members painted the outside walls, doors and windows. This project was a first for us using volunteers we did not know.. The students and their leader were extremely enthusiastic and two previously grotty classrooms were transformed.

The cost was 750.00 or D9, 136.00.

University Project University Project

University Project

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