FROGS Projects 2009 Part 2

Agi Awa Bah Nursery - tiling of office floor and fitting of door

Whilst visiting Agi Awa Bah Nursery School, a school that has been known to FROGS since its inception, we found that they had built an extension to the existing school, but had run out of money before they could finish the office. The tiling of the office floor and the fitting of a metal door still needed to be done. FROGS stepped in and finished the job.

A good office and store was completed at a cost of 173.00 or D6, 300.00.
Archdeacon 2

Demaro Nursery School, Dippa Kunda - provision of a water tap

This is a tiny nursery school, in an urban sprawl area. The school had no water supply and applied to FROGS for help. The school was connected to the NAWEC water supply and water piped across the compound to a tap.

This project cost 344.00 or D13, 435.00.
Archdeacon 2

Samba Njabeh LBS, North Bank. - provision of a new kitchen

This school needed a new kitchen as the original kitchen had been destroyed during the rains of 2008. Without a kitchen the school cannot receive help from the World Food Programme, so the children often go hungry. The area is very poor. The kitchen was built during May and June 2009 and was finished before the rains of 2009. The villagers themselves provided all the unskilled labour and a good two room building was constructed, a 4m x 4m kitchen and a store.

This project cost 1,166.00 or D31, 000.00.

Kerewan LBS - Re-roofing of a Classroom Block

FROGS was asked to help out with the re-roofing of a classroom block. Upon inspection they found the whole roof full of holes, so put the project forward. The School Committee and Headmaster provided the labour. The job was well done and in record time.

The project cost 485.00 or D18, 930.00.

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