FROGS Projects 2010

Berending SSS. - The provision of timber

The provision of timber to Berending SSS, so that the woodwork students could have practical work experience In April Sally joined Regional Officers, School staff, local dignitaries, our Peace Corp Supervisors Amanda and Erica and all the pupils, to witness the handing over of beautifully made tables and benches to the school. A spin-off to this project was that a visitor to the country heard about it and bought 100 of woodworking tools for the school, so that they could sit their practical woodworking exam.

The Project Cost D36,200 or 871.00

Kuwonko Sandu - A New Kitchen

This Project at the village school at Kuwonko Sandu in the Upper River Region was the building of a kitchen. The previous one had been destroyed in the heavy rains of 2009. This Project was supervised by a US Peace Corp Volunteer who was working at the school and advising the women's group on a money making venture. The provision of the kitchen meant that food could be hygienically prepared and that the women's group could also make soap and do tie-dying. This was very much a village involved project, down to the local gelli-gelli driver transporting materials free of charge from Basse. A lovely little kitchen was built and the project finished in June 2010.

This project came out under budget and D4,010 was returned to FROGS. Cost D21,000 or 496.00

This project cost £400.00 or D15, 600.00 - a small sum for starting numerous youngsters on the road to reading.

Kerr Auldi - Enclosing a School Garden

This project, a gardening one, was to enclose the school garden at Kerr Auldi in the Upper Saloum District of the Upper River Region. This area is one of the poorest in the country as it is a long way up-river. Farming is the only means of earning a living. Providing this school with a fenced plot and tools to work it, means that they can supplement the children's diet with the vegetables grown. Also the children learn how to plant and have responsibility for their own plots. Seeds were provided by another FROGS member. A Peace Corp volunteer horticulturalist is overseeing this ongoing project and also advising the school on beekeeping.

This project cost D12,000 or 300.00

Kerr Sambah Njabeh - Kitchen Chimneys and Fireplaces

Kerr Sambah Njabeh, a school way out in the bush, needed a chimney and fireplaces fitted into their kitchen. By providing these, cooking meals for the 300 children in the school is much more hygienic and much better than cooking on open fires on the ground. The school and community were very proud of their new facilities and FROGS members were made most welcome by all the village elders and parents, many of whom had helped with the project.

The project cost D13,070 or 327.00.

Essau LBS
- Repairing Reservoirs and Providing Seeds and Tools

Essau LBS on the North Bank, just beyond Barra, had the makings of an excellent school garden, but the wall had been damaged and the water tanks built many years ago had fallen into disrepair. The school approached us with the backing of their US Peace Corp VolunteerCV and asked if we could re-lay the underground pipes and generally restore the garden. We provided tools and seeds and repaired two of the three reservoirs, fitting lockable taps. The Project was completed by July 2010. A crop of cassava was planted with the rains. The latest report tells us that the cassava has cropped well and that the garden is thriving, with tomatoes, lettuce, beans and onions. This is another Project that supplements the school feeding programme.

This Project Cost D15,000 or 375.00

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