FROGS Projects 2010 Part 2

The Gambian Methodist Academy, Bakau - Building a Canteen

The Gambian Methodist Academy, Bakau, has built a large canteen so that the food vendors and the students can have their food in a dry and hygienic area. The school had raised the money for all the other building work but needed our help with the tiling of the floor. An excellent facility was built and we attended the opening and dedication ceremony on the 20th September 2010.

This Project Cost D10,000 or 250.00

Maka Ali Sarr LBS, Upper Saloum District, Central River Division - Classroom Conversion

This Project, at Maka Ali Sarr LBS, Upper Saloum District, Central River Division, involved the conversion of an unused classroom into staff quarters. Accommodation up-country is at a premium and very difficult to find. Some staff were sleeping in the school store. The headmaster at this school had previously done a FROGS Project at his previous school and he utilised his staff for unskilled labour, in order to keep costs down. The conversion provided six bedrooms and two sitting rooms, and was swiftly done during the school summer break. The villagers provided all the sand and gravel and helped with the construction. Having teachers on site after school is a bonus for the school, as it helps with security and after school non curricula activities.

This Project Cost D20,000 or 500.00

Agi Awa Bah Nursery School - Window Installation

Agi Awa Bah Nursery School, Bakau, Sanchaba, Had some very nice steel window frames, but without the louvre glass. The result was rain driving into the classroom, and at night feline visitors soiling the area. This was a very small Project but much needed. The work was completed and inspected by us in June 2010.

This Project Cost D7,580 or 190.00.

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