FROGS Projects 2011

Killy LBS - Toilets and Washing Facilities for Teachers

The Project at Killy LBS was to provide toilet and washing facilities for the teachers' quarters. This was completed and is being kept clean and in good repair. The latest development is that electric power will soon be available at the school. The rural electrification project is moving along the main road and the school should be connected in the near future. Another development is that the Government is fitting four water taps in the school compound so water can soon be piped to the bathrooms. A major development! We visit this school regularly and are always pleased with their development.

This Project Cost D16,050.00 or 376.00

Sibanor Middle School - Home Economics Furniture and Utinsels

Sibanor Middle School: All the furniture commissioned for this school was beautifully made and now takes pride of place in the Home Economics Room; we have supplied utensils for cookery and materials for needlework from various sources and the school is thrilled to have such resources. During the latest exams they had a pupil with A grade in Home Economics, unheard of prior to our intervention, when all teaching was theoretical. We visit regularly and are always treated to their home cooked fish pies! This school is making good progress and deserves any help we can give it.

This Project Cost D7,000.00 or 166.00

Bureng Upper and Lower School - Renovation of a Disused Room

Our Peace Corp Volunteer link saw this project through, and the school now has a thriving resource room which is much used by both teachers and pupils. The PCV lives in the village, and was thrilled that "her" children can now read simple books and take pleasure in visiting the library. This was unheard of, as most children were not interested in books. They even swops books that we have provided with other PCV's locally, so that the children get a variety of books to read. These projects - the providing of resources and reading space are proving to be most valuable.

This Project Cost D14,500.00 or 340.00

Demba Kunda Lower Basic School

This simple project, the provision of pit latrines for nursery aged children, was overseen by Peace Corp Volunteer Gloria, who did a wonderful job.

This Project Cost D15,050.00 or 354.00


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