FROGS Projects 2011 Part 2

Jofi Nursey School, Majai - Painting a new nursery

Jofi Nursery School, Manjai, Kombo North: This project was a real cry for help and needed to be done quickly. The Nursery School was renting premises, when the landlord decided that the rent should be increased three-fold, which they couldn't afford. So they were evicted. A new compound was found but it needed considerable work to turn it into a Nursery School. With the help of a local restaurant owner and her staff, the basic preparations were quickly done and FROGS was approached to provide some financial support. After visiting the premises the Committee urgently agreed to funding to buy paint. The whole job was completed in four weeks so that the children lost minimal schooling.

This project Cost D10,000.00 or 231.00 (and some painting time).

Four Simple Projects - The supply of basic teaching resources

The provision of basic teaching resources to four schools. Burreng LBS, Tanjeh LBS, Killy LBS and Sibanor LBS. The materials covered pens, pencils, glue sticks, scissors, highlighters, marker pens, Biros, card for wall aids, notebooks etc. Each pack was slightly different, according to the needs of the school. The materials are all bought wholesale and either delivered personally or sent up country on the Peace Corps mail run to the individual schools. The provision of such materials really boosts the teachers' morale!!

Total Cost D9,405.00 or 218.00

Tanjeh Lower Basic School - Generating and Income

Tanjeh Lower Basic School, Kombo South, Western Region: This very big school needed an income generating project, and a fruit orchard was discussed. This would not have been feasible last year as the water supply was inadequate. However, the intervention of Dutch NGO Gambia Future Fund had provided a new borehole and solar pumping system, so that taps could be placed along the perimeter of the orchard area. The orchard, measuring 77m x 43m was also fenced by the NGO. FROGS provided 87 fruit trees, compost and labour and planted the area over three days. The nursery owner and Sally supervised the planting between February 17th 19th. This project should provide a source of income within three to four years. In the meantime the land between the trees is being cultivated by the Mothers Club who has responsibility for the trees within their little plots.

Total Cost D13,400 or 312.00

Transporting books from the UK to The Gambia

The transportation of a pallet of books from the UK for various Nursery and Lower Basic Schools. It was overseen by Barbara, FROGS member and costs in The Gambia were D3,150.00 or 73.00

Barbara's Phonics Training

Once again Barbara's Phonic training was in great demand and she was teaching almost up to her leaving date.

Project Costs D17,336.00 or 408.00

Bati Njol Health School for Women

This project being run by PCV Shawn is a school for village women. They span the age group from 17 to 70 and are being taught basic health subjects, nutrition, hygiene, childcare, family planning, first aid etc. They attend two sessions a week. These are run by the PCV and two village health officers from the local clinic. The uptake for places was astounding and 40 (the maximum) enrolled. Each has her own "file", an A4 laminated picture of herself on the back of which her attendance and progress is marked in permanent pen. We had to request permission from the village chief and Alkalo before we could plan this. Teaching aids, murals and charts were made by Shawn. Shawn reports that classes are going well. At the end of the project the women were assessed and a ceremony held. This is a bit different to anything else we have done but appears to be working.

Total Costs D10,000.00 or 225.00

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